Learn Beautiful Quran Recitations Online

Almost every Muslim in the world loves to listen beautiful recitations of Quran the most pious and Holy book of Allah. Most of us also want to recite Quran with accurate accent and proper tenor. Sometimes it becomes the utmost desire of the person to recite the Quran like those reciting Quran. Now people who want to learn proper recitation of Quran must not worry because online Quran learning websites are providing people around the world with all kinds of facilities with the help of which they don’t only learn to read Quran but also learn the beautiful recitation of the Quran. Reading Quran with correct accent, tone and pitch is called Tajweed and by learning the rules of recitations you can learn to recite Quran in a proper way.

Taking a Free Trial

Most of the websites over the internet that are helping people to learn Quran are offering a free trial to the people. By having a free trial people can attend the learning session of the Quran online and can register for the class after their complete satisfaction.

Quran Teaching for Kids

In addition to recitation and tasfeer for adults there are a number of offering for the kids as well that are preparing to learn Quran for the very first time. Noorani Qaida is the basic step for learning Quran for the kids. Noorani Qaida is the book that is based on the Arabic alphabets and it makes a very strong base for the children. The online software not only provides with the shapes and the structure of the Arabic alphabets but also provides the sounds and the transliteration of these alphabets,

The New Concept of Learning Quran Online

As the online education and distance learning is the new concept of learning in the same manner we can learn Quran online from a distance via using internet. Hundreds of people are being benefited by the concept of online learning of Quran over the internet with the help of experienced teachers and interactive software. Learning Quran online is a time saving activity with which you can learn Quran online in a convenient mode right away from your home. The best thing about learning Quran online is that you can learn it from anywhere and anytime that suits your schedule and your routine life. A lot of people want to learn Quran but they have to go office and they remain busy in the tough schedule of their lives as a result they can’t spare time to learn the most prestigious and the most esteemed book of Allah Almighty.

The salient features of learning Quran online can be described as under:-

  • You can learn it anytime from anywhere
  • Online Quran learning uses a student centered approach
  • The learning Program is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • The online Quran learning program is designed to help increase in student interaction
  • The online Quran learning program is a convenient approach to learn
  • Learning Quran online is a time saving opportunity


Online Quran learning programs has a number of options that range from the learning program for the new learners to the advance programs that aim to teach to experienced students. Basic Quran learning lessons are ideal for kids and children that are trying to start learn programs. In addition to that there are advance programs such as learning Quran with Tajweed and Tafseer.

Is it Possible to Learn Quran Online?

Is it Possible to Learn Quran Online?

A few years back the term learn Quran online was an unfamiliar and uncommon term however now with the advance technology and high speed internet it is possible to learn Quran online with specialized and experienced teachers. Now you don’t need to go to nay mosque, madrassa or a learning centre to learn Quran as you can learn Quran online with quality internet and good audio communication. Learning Quran online programs are very innovative and efficient that a lot of parents are fully satisfied with the progress of their children that are learning Quran online. Learning Quran online is a blessing in disguise for all those parents and kids that have a busy schedule and a tough routine and they are unable to find time for local face to face sessions of learning Quran.

Why Learning Quran is Important

Quran is the last and the most accomplished book of Allah. This is the message of Allah that not only completes our faith but also guides in a number of ways in our daily and routine life. The Quran teaches us all the basic concepts that are related to our religion. These concepts include the way of living in this world, our loyalty and devotion towards Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), faith, patience, belief and wisdom. Learning Quran online will introduce the meaning, concept and the understanding of Quran in a new and innovative way to its students.

Over the Internet you can not only learn how to read Quran in Arabic but you can also learn English, Urdu, Hindi or different translations of Quran in other languages. You can also learn the meaning of each and every Ayah of the Quran along with its context and comprehension.

Learning Quran online is a door that is open to every man, woman and kid and they can learn Quran online to find solace for their heart and their souls.

Online Quran Courses

There are a number of online Quran courses available over the internet that helps people to learn Quran in a more efficient way. Trained and experience tutors teach these courses online and make sure that you get most accurate and comprehensive knowledge of Islam. The learning Quran online courses include Quran reading with proper Arabic accent, Quran Memorization, Reading Quran with Fluency, Basic Tajweed Course, Advance Tajweed Course, Tafseer Course and basic Islamic Supplication Online. You don’t need to get worried that which course is made for your or is suitable for you as courses are suggested online by the teacher after conducting a basic evaluation of the learner. All the students are suggested courses on their knowledge about the basic Quran and their fluency in reading Quran.

SO, if you want to seek the blessing of Allah and want to learn something in the cause of Allah you must register yourself in learning Quran online program so that you cannot only learn Quran yourself but also deliver the message of Allah to your fellow men.

Who can learn Quran Online?

Who can learn Quran Online?

Over the internet people from all the ages can learn Quran online with ease and efficiency. The way of learning Quran online is so interesting and involving that the kids of age 4 and half year can also learn Quran with this interactive software. Many websites over the Internet teach Quran online and they have female tutor especially for the females and also for the kids. In order to learn Quran online you need to have following things:-

  • Laptop or simple Desktop computer or Smartphone
  • Head Phones
  • Internet Connection
  • Skype Account

Learning Quran Online made easy

Learning Quran is one of the first and foremost duties of every person. Quran is the guideline that is sent to man by Allah Almighty through our beloved Holy Prophet Hazarat Muhammad (PBUH). If we follow the exact path of Quran it can transform our lives and bring a positivity and sense of responsibility in our life. Today’s busy life has taken away a lot of things from us and one of them is learning and following our religion. Nowadays most of the people are so busy that they can’t spare an hour or two routinely to learn Quran from a tutor having face to face sessions. People don’t have time however with the advancement in technology everything has become easy and so is learning and teaching Quran. Now you can learn Quran online with a personal tutor have live sessions with tutor on any interactive software such as Skype etc.

How we can Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Online

Quran is the soul and the life blood of the religion Islam. Quran is the beacon that was lit by Allah about 14 centuries ago and still it is the sign of hope not only for the Muslims but for the entire mankind. From the beginning learning and reciting Quran has been a vital and important part of the belief and faiths of the Muslims.

How we can Learn Quran Online

Learning Quran online over the internet is a new and innovative idea. With the help of distance and dynamic learning tools one can easily learn this book of Allah and can make sure to lead his or her life according to the virtues taught in Quran. Practice sessions have proved that learning Quran online is more efficient and effective as compared to face to face sessions of the Holy Quran. Online websites provide the learner with visual communication software that makes a personal interaction with the learner and create learning sessions that are more effective as compared to face to face learning sessions of Quran. In this way not only the adults but also the kids can learn Quran in a better and interesting way. With the help of this software your kids can interact personally with online Quran tutor or Quran Teacher.

Why Arabic is language of Quran ?

Indeed Allah alone is creator of this universe. There is always a peculiar reason why a thing has been created at a specific place so there are also some peculiar reasons why Quran had been revealed in the region of Arab and also behind the Arabic as being the language of Quran. Islam is not a religion limited only for Muslims but it is a religion for whole mankind and for humanity. The reasons behind that are:

Geographical position of Makkah
First reasons behind that Arabic was the language of Quran because it was revealed on a prophet who belonged to Arab and whose native language was Arabic and Makkah was the center of trade at that time. It was like choke point of modern times where maximum of trade passed through this region. Being a an important trade route the whole trade of the world passed from here as all important traders carrying their goods from Yemen Egypt Syria used to pass from this region. So it was easy to spread Islam to whole world from this place.

Political position of Makkah:
Second reason behind that is executive and political position of Makkah at that time which played an important role in spreading Islam in whole Arab and from there in whole world. The assembly or administrative body of Makkah was composed of all tribe leaders of different tribes of Makkah so place of Makkah was very influential.
Pronunciation of Arabic language is easy:

Third reason behind that is Arabic language is an easy language having only four vowels so it is an easy and language for pronunciation as compared to Hebrew having more than ten vowel and on other hand it is rich in terms of verbs inflections and personal pronoun so Allah Almighty chooses an easy and best language so that message can be spread with ease and non-native people can understand it with not much difficulty. As it is in Quran” Allah intends every facility for you He does not want to put you to difficulties”

No alteration in meanings hence Universality:
Fourth reason behind that is the Arabic language has a resilient ability against semantic shifts to avoid misunderstanding. Semantically there is an impossibility to alter the meanings of words according to own choice if one intends to translate it into other language he cannot translate it in their own way by fostering their own meanings which proves in real terms that Arabic is a universal language.

Female vs male teachers for kids: who is most suitable?

Usually it is a practice in Pakistan that we tend to referred our kids to male or female teachers but often a questions arises in the mind of parents that who will prove to be most the suitable mentor for the kids. To judge something we always construct a scale. By placing the psychology of children in our mind the parents can decide who can prove a better religious teacher for their kids so that there will not be any negative impact on personality grooming of kids.

Level of tolerance:
Children have very delicate personality they cannot learn anything in a strict environment, so the environment as well as mentor must have high level of tolerance. Its usual observation as well scientific observation and results of various researchers indicates that females usually tend to have higher level of tolerance as compared to males.

Level of patience:
Children in younger age always prove to be very curious about nature and other things .They always use to ask questions on various things again and again.. Not only this they always face problem in memorizing things and easily forget everything so they use to ask lesson again and again It often require patience to answer their questions calmly usually female teachers have higher level of patience as compared to male. God Himself inserted more patience in females as well as research indicates that female have elevated level of patience. They can answer kids with more patience.

Level of politeness:
Children always demand attention and care and so they also demand it from their mentor. Its observed fact that male usually tend to be more strict. Strictness and dominancy is in the personality of males. On the other hand female tend to be more polite as compared to males. Hence in polite environment children can learn and understand various things with ease.

Level of Lenient voice:
Children are always used to be afraid from harsh and loud voices. One teacher having loud pitch and harsh accent could not prove to be an effective teacher. It is natural that male have severe and sometime cruel voices on the other hand have female naturally have lenient voices so they can prove of being good teacher.
Level of understanding children’s psychology:
Females have always motherly attributes and as well as they are more kind then males so they easily can understand the psychology of kids and obviously females proves to be more good teachers then male.

On the basis of above mentioned criteria parents can conclude that females prove to be good teachers as compared to males.

The role of internet in distance education

As distance education concerned it is special sort of education which is completely dissimilar to conventional education. Distance education is a type of education in which instructions related to education are delivered to the apprentice who is at distance from the main source of education. The other name of distance education is distance learning in which learners living in far off areas are provided with an opportunity to educate themselves who could not pay enough money and who don’t have enough time. With the growth and expansion of internet in some current years, it has become an important source in conveying education to people living in remote areas.

Distance educational and learning program entails different sorts of technologies. The Internet is basic and most important source of presenting education to the people. Whenever and wherever any pupil signed up, he entered into world of knowledge where all types of knowledge and information is stoked up. The knowledge is not only presented in form of word, through internet learner can acquire education through different interesting means as video lectures. Some time educational information is presented by different websites in many different and interesting ways as by adding music and special effects. One can acquire information on any concept through animated videos

Beside that they can share their ideas with learners through internet by using different messengers or by sharing their ideas on different forums or by online videoconferences. Through these means they can’t only share their knowledge and information with their peers but they also can have guidance and consult their professors and skilled persons.

There are many site which are providing on line lecture and these are very helpful in achieving education and information, most famous website which are providing on line lecture is Peterson’s Education Center and Stanford university helping students of different calibers in imparting many different types of information. In Pakistan Virtual university is playing an important role in conveying distance education. One can achieve information related to their subject at any time in the form of lectures at any time.

There are many merits and demerits using internet in acquiring education and information. Firstly we are going to discuss merits of using internet for distance education


  1. Economical
  2. Interesting
  3. Motivating
  4. Extensive information
  5. Up to date information
  6. Convenient hours
  7. Access to world class libraries and database
  8. Educational store

Convenient location


  1. Time consuming at some times
  2. No real experiences as in clinical medicine and surgery
  3. Technology related problems
  4. Hardware and software information are difficult to acquire for every student.

Quran and Modern World

Quran is a religious book which has been revealed fourteen centuries ago. It is not like other revealed religious books through which their followers are being taught different types of religious rituals related to their religions. It not only carries religious rituals but it code of life.it tells us how we should have to live our lives.

The question arise in the mind of reader after reading this statement that is Quran compatible in this modern age as it has been revealed before many hundred years ago. Here is a brief explanation on the statement of Quran and its compatibility in modern world. Quran teaches us about every matter of life, it is a proper guide books its laws about inherence are part of syllabus of law book in many universities. It provides intensive plus extensive information and knowledge about everyday problems.

Quran is proving its validity in a decent and worthy way more properly in modern times as compared to ancient times. As many doctors scientist are researching on the various verses of Quran for example the process of creation of a child has been extensively described by Quran and it helped the doctors to understand the whole process of birth. Quran is scientific book where everything related to universe had been described in the form of long lasting principles. Discussions of the creation of universe, orbits of stars, movements of moon and movement of earth around its orbits, solar eclipse, solar apex, process of day and night, age of earth, the information about floods, and these all are described in scientific manner in this book. Not only this but new theories on which researcher are conducting research like expansion of earth is explained with detail in Quran. Knowledge of astronomy has been also explained in this book.

The creation of plant, information relation to botany zoology, geology, creation and existence of mountains, complete water cycle, its orientation and whole processes has been discussed throughout in this book.. Information related to human being like physiology embryology, process of fertilization, process of implantation, all are described in this book. Not only this can have we also had the information related to other religions from Quran. The birth of Christ is also explained in Quran. So no one can say that Quran is not only limited to ancient times, it is as valid as in old times because of having information of everything related to this universe.